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Mosh is ACEI's construction claims and engineering auditor.  He has over 30 years of experience and is skilled in delay claims review, analysis, and negotiation, dispute resolution, change order and payment auditing, payroll records review, cost estimating and reviews, vendor billing’s review, assessing appropriate values, and verification of policies, procedures, and specification compliance.

Mosh has claims expertise with extensive and unique experience in analyzing and resolving very substantial and highly complex delay claims brought by contractors on public works construction contracts. He possess an extensive knowledge and understanding of municipal construction contracts, including Damage for Delay provisions, analytical processes for damage identification and quantification, underlying legal concepts and decisions, and delay analysis techniques. Mosh performs appropriate and comprehensive reviews and analyses addressing both entitlement and damage, including assessment of all delay events, delay culpability, and establishment of entitlement and associated damages.

Mosh provided engineering auditing services on multi-million dollar design and construction projects for the City of Chicago for over 15 years.  Mosh has performed  hundreds of audits, including those on construction contract payments, consultant payments, and change orders.  Mosh exhibits the highest level of professionalism, a high degree of academic training, and possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to perform a variety of auditing tasks. Such tasks include the independent review and audit of consultants, contractors, and other vendor billings, prices for goods or services, invoices, disbursements, and payroll records for discrepancies. Mosh performs field site visits as needed to evaluate the quality and progress of work being done, and to ensure that payment requests are justified and contractors have fulfilled their contractual obligations. He ensures that our clients have received appropriate value under the terms of the contract for the payment requested and verify and recommend approval of the requested payment amounts.

Construction Claims & Engineering Audits


  • ​Appropriate Value Assessments
  • Change Order Auditing, Reviewing, and Approving
  • Contract Compliance Verification
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Cost Reasonableness Review
  • Delay Claims Damage Negotiation
  • Delay Claims Review and Analysis
  • Dispute and Delay Claim Guidance
  • Dispute Review and Resolution
  • Payment Auditing, Reviewing, and Approving
  • Payroll Records Review
  • Price Reviews for Goods/Services
  • Progress Review
  • Specification Compliance
  • Quantity Verification
  • Review of Consultants, Contractors, and Other Vendor's Billings
  • ​Verification of Policies and Procedures Compliance

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